Engineer I/II
Job Reference14-01-03
Job TitleEngineer I/II

The Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering Department is searching for an Engineer I/II to join their team. This is a regular full-time position and is eligible for benefits.

Education and experience will determine level of hire.

Due to ITAR regulations, applicants must be US Citizens or permanent residents.


With supervision, design, build, and test new electrical and electronic systems for subsea vehicles.

-Deploy to sea 3- 5 months per year in support of deep sea vehicles often as the sole electrical engineer on the trip.  Responsibilities will include all necessary electrical repairs and maintenance and after training will require excellent debug and troubleshooting skills.

-Develop firmware for embedded electrical systems.  ANSI C on a PIC platform is preferred.

-Process geophysical, acoustic, navigation and other data using established pipelines and tool chains

-Assist in all aspects of at sea operations including physical set up, launch, recovery, pre/post dive, etc

Substantial hands on experience with building, debugging, and repairing electrical systems

-Hands on experience with instrumentation and hardware specifically including rs-232, network protocols, power systems, motor drivers, simple RF systems, PC104 systems, etc

-Familiarity with basic test tools including DMMs, osciliscopes, OTDRs, function generators, power supplies, etc.

-Basic PC board layout skills

-Excellent soldering skills and overall workmanship

-Prior experience with Linux

-Ideally prior experience with ANSI C, PIC microcontrollers, python, and matlab

-develop documentation for both internal and external use describing your workA significant commitment to success of the program and the mission will be required particularly while at sea. This is a group that is known for going to extreme measures to make a cruise succeed even in the face of significant setbacks (for example - rebuilding the entire electrical system of the vehicle, at sea, in 72 hours after a fire and flood) and any long term part of the group will need to have the same attitude.

Physical duties for this position include but are not limited to lifting up to 50 lbs independently above the shoulder, shoulder to knee, knee to floor. Lifting over 50 lbs with assistance - variable times per hour/day. Carrying up to 50 lbs independently and over 50 lbs with assistance - variable times per hour/day. Visual requirements include depth perception, ability to see peripherally, ability to adjust vision to bring objects into focus, ability to distinguish basic colors. Hearing requirements include ability to hear and understand directions and warnings in a noisy environment. This position requires manual dexterity and mobility, the ability to use hands for fine/basic grasping and manipulation, occasional reaching/stooping/bending/kneeling and crouching, may need to crawl under and around vehicles including use of step ladders for access to heights. You may be exposed to excessive cold/heat and or humidity, dust or other irritants, grease and oils, hazardous substances or specimens, electrical/mechanical/power equipment hazards, odorous chemicals or specimens, high location, extended periods at sea, severe weather conditions and prolonged working hours. Physical duties are subject to change.

Sea Duty conditions and physical attributions: May work at least 8 hours per day and, at times in excess of 12 hours per day, 7 days per week. Sleep and work hours can deviate from those on land. May be expected to work on watch schedule (such as 8 hours on and 8 hours off or 12 hours on and 8 hours off) for all or part of a cruise or to work as hours are needed to accomplish the planned work. May need to travel during holidays and for long distances to and from foreign ports. May experience rudimentary living and working conditions, with shared and basic living quarters and laboratories. May experience bad or extreme weather conditions, including heavy seas, winter weather or hot, tropical weather. Work on deck may occur in both hot and cold conditions around the clock. Sea conditions will lead to active ship motion. Should be able to climb steep and vertical ladders and able to enter and exit compartments through hatches, doors, and sills. Should be able to carry heavy gear and participate in the loading and unloading of the ship as well as in the activities on deck and in the labs during the cruise. Shipboard environment may include: confined areas, shared sleeping quarters (berths) and bathroom facilities, small and basic berthing, fixed meal times and basic menus. modest levels of heating, cooling, ventilation, and illumination, limited or no email and internet access and limited off-duty and recreational facilities (library, lounge, movies). May be exposed to potential allergens and irritants, including paint fumes. May experience constant and intermittent loud noises, and slippery and uneven surfaces.


At least a BS in electrical engineering with a very strong hands on background.  Candidates with degrees in related fields such as Aerospace and Ocean Engineering will be considered ONLY if they can show an EXCEPTIONAL degree of hands on electrical and electronics experience (far more than a single senior project) and preferably additional electrical theory work).  An acceptable candidate may have an unrelated degree or no degree provided that they can show AT LEAST five to ten years of highly relevant work and provide examples of prior work.

This is NOT a PhD level position

Physical duties for this position include but are not limited to ability to adjust vision to bring objects into focus, ability to distinguish basic colors. This position is mostly sedentary with occasional standing/walking, manual dexterity/mobility, use of hands for fine manipulation, occasional reaching, stooping, bending, kneeling, crouching. This position requires extensive use of computer keyboard and repetitive keystrokes. Physical duties are subject to change.

WHOI is a member of the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC). We are sensitive to the issues of dual career candidates and we will work with applicants to address them. Please visit HERC - for more information.

WHOI is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer/Disabled/Veterans/M/F. We encourage Veterans and those with Disabilities to apply. Applications are reviewed confidentially

Applicants that require accommodation in the job application process are encouraged to contact us at (508) 289-2253 or email for assistance

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