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IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: Interested candidates must apply for EACH position that you are interested in even if they appear to be identical.

In order to apply for a position you must have an e-mail account. From your e-mail account you will receive correspondence from Altoona Regional System regarding your employment application.
Only categories with current job openings will be displayed. If you do not see a specific job or category for which you are interested in applying please re-visit our website at a later date. Altoona Regional Health System requires completion of an employment application; resumes may be attached to the employment application however a resume without the application will not be accepted.

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Job Title
Addictions Counselor II - Flex Full Time - Day/Rot (Non Union) (11/14 to 11/21/14)Behavioral Health - Drug and Alcohol
Associate Chaplain - Part Time - Rotation (Non Union) (11/6 to 11/13/14)Pastoral Care
Certified Nurse Midwife-.7 FFT Day/call( Family Centered OB GYN)(Non-Union)( 11/4-11/11/14)Family Centered OB/GYN
CRNA - Full Time - Lexington Anesthesia (Non Union) (11/24/14)Lexington Anesthesia
CRNA - Full Time - Lexington Anesthesia (Non Union) (11/24/14)Lexington Anesthesia
CRNP or Physician Assistant FT days(Alt Heart + Vascular Instit)(Non-Union)(Post 9/28-10/5/14)Altoona Heart and Vascular Institute
CRNP/Physician Assistant-Full Time Day/Rot(ED) (Non Union)(Internal posting 10/20-10/27/14)Emergency Department
Echocardiogram Technician - Flex Full Time - Day/Rot and Call (Non Union) (11/9 to 11/16/14)Cardiology
Echocardiogram Technician - Full Time Day (Non Union) (10/12 to 10/19/14)Cardiology
Environmental Services Assistant - Part Time Evening/Rot (Union) (11/20 to 11/27/14)Enviroment of Care
Hostess/Diet Clerk - Flex Full Time Rotation Shift (Union) (11/6 to 11/13/14)Nutrition Services
HR Consultant - Full Time Day (Non Union) (Altoona) (11/14/14)Human Resources - Altoona
Inpatient Coder Certified - Full Time Day (Union) (7/10 to 7/17/14)Health Information Management
Inpatient Coder Certified - Full Time Day/Rot (Union) (10/1 to 10/8/14)Health Information Management
Licensed Practical Nurse - Part Time Night/Rot (T 10) (Union) (8/25 to 9/1/14)Tower 10
Maintenance Mechanic (Plumber) - Full Time Day/Rot (Union) (7/24 to 7/31/14)Engineering
Medical Assistant - Full Time (Heart Inst)(Non Union) (9/30 to 10/7/14)Altoona Heart and Vascular Institute
Medical Technologist - Full Time Night/Rot (Non Union) (11/21 to 11/28/14)Laboratory
Mental Health Worker - Part Time Evening/Rot (Union) (11/6 to 11/13/14)Behavioral Health - Inpatient Unit
Mental Health Worker - Part Time Evening/Rot and Call (Union) (11/20 to 11/27/14)Behavioral Health
Nursing Assistant - Part Time - Night/Rot (T14) (Union) (11/6 to 11/13/14)Tower 14
Nursing Assistant - Part Time Day/Rot (T 10) (Union) (11/19 to 11/26/14)Tower 10
Nursing Supervisor- FT D/N rot/12's/8's prn(Nursing Admin)(Non-Union)(Internal 10/30-11/6/14)Nursing Administration
PA/ CRNP FT days/varied(Health Force)(Non-Union)(Internal 11/19-11/26/14)HealthForce- Employee Health
Patient Transport Assistant - Part Time - Evening/Rot (Union) (11/21 to 11/28/14)Patient Transport
Pharmacy Technician - Full Time Night/Rot (Union) (11/25 to 12/2/14)Pharmacy
Radiology Secretary - PartTime Evening/Night with Rot (Union) (11/18 to 11/25/14)Radiology
Registered Nurse .7 FFT night/rot/call/12's prn(SPCU)(SEIU)(Internal Posting 11/16-11/23/14)SPCU
Registered Nurse .7FFT day/eve rot/call/12's prn(SPCU)(SEIU)(Internal posting 11/16-11/23/14)SPCU
Registered Nurse .8FFT nights/rot/call/12's prn(MPCU)(SEIU)(Internal postMPCU
Registered Nurse FFT .7 Night rot/call(T10)(SEIU)(internal 11/21-11/28/14)T 10
Registered Nurse FFT .7 night/rot day/call. 12's prn(MPCU)(SEIU)(Internal 11/25-12/2/14)MPCU
Registered Nurse FT D/R varied 10 hr shifts/call(Acute Dialysis)(SEIU)(Internal 11/21-11/28/14)Acute Dialysis
Registered Nurse FT Eve/Rot/12hrs prn(6F)(SEIU)(Internal post 11/14-11/21/14)6F Observation
Registered Nurse Full time Night/rot/call/12's prn)LDRP/Nursery)(SEIU)(Post 11/9-11/16/14)LDRP/Nursery
Registered Nurse-casual-Varied shifts(OR)(SEIU)(re-open 11/6/14/14)Operating Room
Registered Nurse-FFT .7 D/N rot/call/12's prn(SPCU)(SEIU)(Internal Posting 11/16-11/23/14)SPCU
Registered Nurses Casual-day/rot/call(Peri-Anesthesia)(Seiu)(Post 11/2/14)Peri=Anesthesia
Regulatory Coordinator - Full Time Day (Non Union) (11/6 to 11/13/14)Engineering
RN Clinical Manager M-F/10a-1830p/weekends prn(T11)(SEIU)(Internal 11/10-11/17/14)T11
RN Clinical Manager FT-10a-1830p/Mon-Fri/occ weekend(T10 )(Non-Union)(Post 11/18-11/25/14)T10
RN Clinical Manager Full Time Nights(LDRP/Nursery)(Non-Union)(Internal Posting 3/29-4/5/14)LDRP/Nursery
RN Nurse Manager Full Time Day/call(T14)(Non-union)(Internal 10/30-11/6/14)T14
Speech/Language Pathologist - Casual - Rotation Shift (Non Union) (11/6/14)Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - Speech Therapy
Sterile Processing Technician - Flex Full Time - Varied with Rot/Call (Union) (11/14 to 11/21/14)Surgical Services - Sterile Processing
Surgical Technologist - Casual Status (Union Gr 22) (7/2/14)Surgical Services - Operating Room

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