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Case Studies

Take a look at examples of organisations actively using Candidate Manager and have achieved 100% Return on Investment within six months.

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Recruiting Software - It's all about you!

At Candidate Manager, we believe that attracting great employees and keeping them is the core of our business. We’re driven to provide the best recruitment solutions for companies all over the world so that they can employ the best people for the job.

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Using Blogs and Social Media to Recruit

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Dont worry you can now view our webinar on Using Linkedin to Source Candidates and Internet Recruiting - your 6 step guide to direct hires

Recruitment Solutions from Candidate Manager

The key to excellent Human Resources practice lies in the creation of up to date recruitment solutions that have been designed for your business. Instead of making you fit the mould, we use innovative design, excellent technology and expert employees to make sure that YOUR recruitment software is exactly what you need.

Candidate Manager Delivers

We’ve turned our passion for Human Resources into great business for you. We focus on the most important factor of your business by providing cost-effective bespoke recruitment solutions for your business. Creating a culture of best business practices has been a key element to the success of Candidate Manager. We don’t consider ourselves as a mere solution for Human Resource Management, we like to think of ourselves as you partner in creating solutions that are effective, efficient and budget driven.

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