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What to Review Before Choosing Recruitment Software

by Declan 08. October 2010

Recruitment software is fast becoming a hot topic. In the current economic climate, more and more people are applying for roles, and indeed people already employed are often seeking new challenges. Competition is growing, and companies need to know what they want, and more importantly, what they need.

The paper based and Excel spreadsheet system is becoming dated, and is too time consuming for larger companies. There has been a huge shift towards online and web-based solutions.  There are still client-server applications available, but you need to think about your business and it's location(s) before making a decision. Multiple office locations operate more efficiently on web-based recruitment software, though for a single premises, a client-server application may suffice.

Key Points

A good way of gauging the level of after-sales service you will receive, is to note the effort with the first phone call or email. Is it easy to contact the company you are thinking of purchasing the software from, or do you have to trawl through pages of information just to get an email address? How quickly does the company respond to you? Are they clear in the benefits that their system has to offer? Reviews online can be useful, but need to be taken with a pinch of salt. The company will do all in its power to keep negative views hidden! Referrals from companies or associates using the software will have add to the credibility, but bear in mind that the requirements from companies differ greatly, and so too will the value of a system. What’s essential for one may be a luxury for another. Check that the software will cover the needs of your business before signing on the line.

Demos are very useful in showing the product wares. The recruitment software provider is allowed to show its systems functionality, and the benefits of implementing the system. The prospective client gets to see exactly how the software would work for them, how to use it, and what it can achieve. It allows for any practical questions the prospective company may have.

Check During Your Recruitment Software Review:

  • Is the provider easily contactable?
  • Are the instructions clear and easy to understand?
  • Set-up costs/Maintenance costs/Upgrade costs
  • Automation of workflow
  • Integration with website
  • Reliability of servers (essential with web-based systems)
  • Are they resellers, or do they own the system?
  • Customisation can the system be built around the company’s requirements?
  • Security Is the system auto-mated, or do you back-up yourself?
  • Migration from existing system - can it be done? Is there a charge?

You do not necessarily need to know all these points initially, but it is useful to bear them in mind to avoid some of the common problems that surround recruitment software. Research definitely pays off here, it can save issues and money in the long run - try before you buy!

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