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Recruitment Software – How To Write An Effective Job Description

by Declan 03. October 2011

If you’re looking to recruit the best people for your business, you have to ensure that the very best people are going to see your job description. So many times, excellent employers are only getting responses from mediocre... [More]

Big Business Plans For Small Business Growth

by Declan 29. September 2011

Just because you’re the owner of a small business, does not mean you need to have small business ideas. Many of the most successful small business owners borrow ideas from large corporations and tailor them to suit a small busines... [More]

Small Business Growth – Five Ways To Grow Your Business on a Budget

by Declan 27. September 2011

As a small business owner you want to get as much growth for your business without having to break the bank. Merely surviving is not good enough for small business owners, especially in a shaky... [More]

Recruitment Software UK – Don’t Rush New Recruitment

by Declan 26. September 2011

The recession is over for the most part and small businesses are looking to capitalise on their growth by hiring new employees. Completely the correct decision, but if you have not recruited for a few years, you need to take your time and learn how to hire... [More]

Recruitment Software UK - Attracting Top Talent In Difficult Economic Times

by Declan 21. September 2011

Finding the right people for your business is one of the keys to success. The 'Human Resource’ is the most important asset for growth, productivity and ultimately, profitability. [More]

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SME’s – The Key To Post Recession Growth and Recruitment

by Declan 19. September 2011

Many owner managed businesses have continued to experience growth, but have been reluctant to make changes within their organisations due to the fear of another global recession. [More]

HR Software – Using Analytics And Technology To Improve Recruitment

by Declan 14. September 2011

The most important resource in a business is undoubtedly the human one. A strong business stands on the actions, skills and practices of its employees, and yet, despite this, some companies choose to think of HR and recruitment... [More]

HR Software UK – Growing With Your Business

by Declan 12. September 2011

Many small businesses in the UK have installed recruitment software to help them manage their HR and hiring functions. What many businesses are finding though is that the pace of business often outstrips the capabilities of their software. It is difficult for a small to medium business. [More]

Recruitment Software – The Benefits and Basics

by Declan 08. September 2011

HR software has traditionally been thought of as a way to manage the HR functions and employees of a business. As the technology developed and HR functions changed, there was a need to develop software that handled the process of recruitment and hiring. [More]

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

by Declan 07. September 2011

An applicant tracking system (ATS), is a software application designed to help an organisations recruit employees more efficiently – faster and at lower cost. [More]

Recruitment Software - The Keystone for Successful Recruiters

by Declan 05. September 2011

Your recruitment software must be able to do more than just handle the hiring of employees. Choosing good recruitment software is an integral part of your entire business and will streamline all of your HR functions. [More]

Recruitment Software: The Effects of Globalisation and Social Media on HR

by Declan 07. June 2011

A never ending challenge to business today is the rate at which things change and having to keep up with said changes. This is as true for recruiters as it is for any aspect of business. [More]

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Underperforming Employees - Inept Rather Than Unable

by Declan 25. May 2011

Atul Gawande, in his book Checklist Manifesto, argued that good people underperform mainly due to errors of ineptitude rather than errors of ignorance or inability. Essentially he believes that decreased performa.. [More]

Say No to the Status Quo

by Declan 13. May 2011

I could count on one hand the number of job adverts and application forms I can remember, and I would assume it’s a pretty similar story for most. Rather than create excitement about the role, they can be quite repetitive and generic, an.. [More]

The Skills Race - What Are You Doing To Recruit the Best?

by Declan 04. May 2011

Despite the sluggish economy and doom and gloom scenarios about employment, the truth of the matter, is that the world is facing a global skills crisis. Recruitment solutions are all about sourcing the best talent and making sure that you retain them and develop them into as.. [More]

Recruitment Is Marketing And Branding

by Declan 03.May 2011

One of the biggest challenges facing the recruitment sector across the world is the looming skills shortage. Recruitment solutions are now being tailored and developed to create an effective resource of talent that can be used to fill the skills gap. HR mana.. [More]

How Does Recruitment Software Work?

by Declan 29. April 2011

You can read a hundred articles on the benefits of using recruitment software in your busy HR department, but the aspect that most HR managers want to know is how does the software work and what benefits will it bring to the rest of the company as well as the HR depa.. [More]

HR Systems And Information Technology

by Declan 29. April 2011

The benefits of using HR software are the possibility of a seamless merger between the conventional functions of an HR department and the latest technology. Using HR software is not just an attempt to automate a bus.. [More]

Change Management And Organisational Change In Your Business

by Declan 27. April 2011

The world is still in a recession and many HR managers are looking at more effective ways of using change management practices to streamline their workforce and ensure that new recruiting is done in a more efficient way. The only wa.. [More]

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A Global Perspective on HR- 2011

by Declan 26. April 2011

What is happening in HR in 2011? Are we going to see a shift in the way that HR managers are recruiting employees to their organizations, or are we still going to be treading water in a stormy economic climate? [More]

Social Media - Cherry Picking What's Important!

by Declan 19. April 2011

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 18 months, you will have seen social media grow exponentially.  The likelihood of finding a successful business without a social media presence is highly unlikely. However the same question is commonly asked. Does social media really. [More]

Human Resources: Formal vs. Informal Recruitment

by Declan 18. April 2011

The recruitment market is becoming highly specialised as people look for different ways of recruiting the best people for available positions in their organisations. There are a number of practices, as well as decisions involved in the recruitment process and HR practition... [More]

Finding The Best And Keeping Them

by Declan 15. April 2011

There are a number of key roles and tasks when it comes to finding the best talent, attracting them to your business and making sure that you are able to retain them. Human Resource departments have changed hugely over the past ten years and a lot of that has to do with the techn... [More]

People Are The Most Important Human Resource!

by Declan 08. April 2011

Human Resources is not just about payroll, change management and budgets. The most important aspect of HR is still people. The main function of any HR department is to find, attract and retain the best people for the available positions in your business. If you lo... [More]

The Value Of Online Recruitment

by Declan 07. April 2011

Using technology is not a new concept for Human Resources departments. You'd be surprised though at the amount of people in HR who still struggle with unwieldy systems and paperwork to manage their employees... [More]

Top Interview Tips - Effective Recruitment Selection

by Declan 06. April 2011

Running a successful HR department is not just about attracting the right sort of people to the available positions. It is also about making the right selection. You may have a list of people that you think fit the requirements of the job, but how do you kn... [More]

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Talent Management - Attracting, Retaining and Developing Talent Within Your Business

by Declan 05. April 2011

Talent management is a process that is a vital part of managing employees effectively and efficiently. It is a way of combining the recruitment solutions of HR and the needs of management to produce a system of attracting, retaining and developing talent in your comp... [More]

Candidate Manager Applicant Tracking System Signs Deal with Logic Melon to Provide Fully Integrated Job Posting Solution

by Declan 30. March 2011

Candidate Manager clients can now post job advertisements to hundreds of UK and International job boards and social media sites instantly, including Facebook and Twitter [More]

Effective Tips For Recruiting Employees

by Declan 30. March 2011

One of the biggest job functions for Human Resource departments is the process of recruiting employees. Finding the right employee for your company is one of the hardest things to do. It is not as simple as sifting through CV’s to see who has the most experience or ed.. [More]

Human Resources - Keeping Talent On Tap

by Declan 29. March 2011

Finding the right candidate for a job is not an easy process. The recession and current economic climate means that HR departments are dealing with more candidates for available positions than ever before. If you are starting up an HR department for your company, or looking to make cha.. [More]

Decision Making In The Context of Human Resources And Recruitment

by Declan 25. March 2011

Human Resource management is all about making decisions. Choosing the right candidate for the position available is not something that should be left to chance or guesswork. The role of decision making in HR is a complicated one and using the technology and recruitment software a.. [More]

Three Signs That Your Recruitment System Needs An Overhaul

by Declan 24. March 2011

Recruitment of the right people for the jobs available in your company is one of the most important functions of an HR department. Far too often recruitment budgets are cut, when in actual fact, they need to have the latest tools and technology to enable t.. [More]

Recruitment And The Recession - What HR Needs To Know

by Declan 16. March 2011

The recession is not over yet. Many countries, especially in Europe, seem to be stagnating in the trough of the predicted 'double-dip'. Managing recruitment processes through a recession is a skill that has been elevated to an art form in recent years, but businesses cannot always rely on guesswork to recruit and retain exc.. [More]

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The Role Of HR Change Management In Business

by Declan 08. March 2011

Change in a business structure is usually met with some resistance. Employees cling to what they know and what they think works. It is the role of an HR change management consultant to address change within an organization and provide a seamless integration of new sys.. [More]

Career Testing and People Assessment

by Declan 28. February 2011

Pre-screening employees is very much in vogue today. In such a high volume market, employers want more tools and options to ensure a good match and people assessment that goes beyond the interview process alone. Some traits can be found by using Internet-.. [More]

Change Management

by Declan 24. February 2011

Engaging employees in change is much easier if they are given adequate information about what's going on. What is required is a good communication process. This helps maintain existing relationships and that the potential for full engagement is possible. [More]

Applicant Tracking Solutions - Cut Through Recruitment Red Tape

by Declan 21. February 2011

Recruiting the right employees is a vital part of any business and applicant tracking solutions can be used to streamline HR processes in a business. This is a dynamic and effective way of ensuring that your business is attracting the right candidates to the company and to the employment.. [More]

Psychometric Testing

by Declan 14. February 2011

Psychometric testing is a relatively recent development in the recruitment industry, and for that reason, many firms do not appreciate the results it can provide. However, what they may not realise is that these tests are very helpful on mult.. [More]

Talent Management

by Declan 10. February 2011

While the term Talent Management has only been widely used since the 1990’s, it is a process that has been implemented, to varying degrees, by most successful organisations for a much longer period of time. The main goal of Talent Management is rather self-explanatory, is to acquire highl.. [More]

Data Protection Laws - Use It or Lose It!

by Declan 03. February 2011

Data protection is an issue which seems to only raise its head when it is too late. Due to their own negligence, a number of high profile organisations have publicly brought this issue to light. What should be noted by companies of all sizes, is to be pro-active, rather. [More]

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Recruitment Solution Benefits

by Declan 27. January 2011

Most of the world’s largest organisations have addressed their recruitment process by increasing its efficiency. They have done so by utilising human resource recruiting software, and now many other companies are following suit. From SME’s with a staff force of under 50, right up to multi-nationals, there is a co.. [More]

Pre-Screening: Reduce Risk and Increase Profits

by Declan 25. January 2011

Recruitment can be a lengthy and costly process. Organisations are willing to spend huge sums of money to ensure that they get the best talent available to fill their roles. Hiring the wrong person can have a detrimental effect, for both the company and the individual in question. Hiring staff always look at any measures whi.. [More]

Online Recruitment

by Declan 18. January 2011

A decade into a new century, and most organisations are beginning to embrace technology developments in recruitment even more. For larger organisations in particular, this can be a tedious task at the best of times, and anything that alleviates the repet.. [More]

HR Developments 2011

by Declan 14. January 2011

The start of a new year brings speculation and predictions for what lies ahead for the following twelve months. What new advancements and developments will take place in technology to facilitate the workplace, and ultimately increase efficiencies? These develop..[More]

Online Recruitment System

by Declan 08. January 2011

An online recruitment system is a service that automates a company's recruiting needs by getting volumes of employment applications over the internet. [More]

Common Issues after HR Software Implementation

by Declan 04. January 2011

Many companies decide that to invest in HR software in order to increase efficiencies, but more importantly, to reduce costs. After implementation, some do not see the return on investment, and cannot figure out what exactly the problem is. This can lead to a great deal of frustration.... [More]

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