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Three Signs That Your Recruitment System Needs An Overhaul

by Declan 24. March 2011

Recruitment of the right people for the jobs available in your company is one of the most important functions of an HR department. Far too often recruitment budgets are cut, when in actual fact, they need to have the latest tools and technology to enable them to function at a peak in a global economy.

Three warning signs that you need to invest in recruitment software:

  • Having a high staff turnover: While there may be operational issues that can contribute to a high staff turnover, it is also a sign that somewhere in the recruitment process there is a problem. It could be that you are not able to match up the capability of the applicant to the needs of the job. Having a custom designed software programme can go a long way to alleviating this problem.
  • High rate of employee discipline issues: If you are continually having business related discipline issues with employees across different departments, it might be time to look at how you profile potential candidates for available positions in your business.
  • Low function: Employees who are out of their depth and not able to meet standards, quotas or targets may cause a huge drain on company finances and the business as a whole. Recruitment should not be about guess work and you need to ensure that your candidate is not only trained to do the job, but is able to deliver. Part of using recruitment software is the ability to match applicants to job positions exactly.

Remember that HR departments are far more involved with the well being and development of employees in the company that ever before. HR is not just about personnel and payroll anymore. In many companies, HR is responsible for training and development of the employees within and organisation to achieve objectives and goals as set by senior management. The recruitment process is just one of the tasks that is handled by HR. Using technology means that you are able to streamline the entire process and ensure that capability meets compatibility every time.

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