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Each candidate must:

  • Be registered in the General Division of the active Register held by Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland or be entitled to be so registered.
  • Have 5 years post registration experience and a minimum of 2 years in the specialty or related area.
  • Have the clinical, managerial and administrative capacity to properly discharge the functions of the role.
  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrate evidence of continuing learning and professional development
  • Must have access to transport as the role will require travel


  • Have a post graduate qualification of not less than level 7 on the NFQ framework in a related field.
  • Experience of delivering and implementing change
  • Experience of JAG accreditation
  • Experience of designing and delivering education programmes


Particulars of Office

The appointment is part time specified purpose.


Remuneration is in accordance with the salary scale approved by the Department of Health and Children. Current remuneration with effect from 1st January 2018.

48,570 by 9 increments to 57,421 per annum pro rata.



The Endoscopy Programme was established by HSE Acute Hospitals Division in 2016 to coordinate a number of activities related to endoscopy services. The programme is overseen by the National Endoscopy Steering Group. The Programme Team consist of Clinical Lead (0.5 WTE), Nurse Lead (0.5WE) and (0.5WTE) Programme Manager. A multidisciplinary National Endoscopy Working Group was also established to promote and drive service developments across all hospital groups.

Programme Aim

  • The aim of the HSE Endoscopy Programme is to improve the delivery of endoscopy services across all Hospital Groups.

Programme Objectives

The objectives of the HSE Endoscopy Programme are to:

  • Strengthen clinical governance for endoscopy services across Hospital Groups
  • Increase the capacity of endoscopy services to meet current and future demand
  • Establish a national training programme for endoscopy
  • Design a systematic approach to validation and scheduling of endoscopy procedures
  • Develop a national referral pathway
  • Develop a national quality assurance framework for endoscopy services
  • Support the development and expansion of Bowel Screen – The National Bowel Screening Programme in public hospitals

The National Endoscopy Working Group

The National Endoscopy Working Group is responsible for coordinating and progressing a number of inter-dependent activities to achieve the objectives of the Endoscopy Programme.

These activities are themed through the following five work streams:

  • Capacity and demand analysis 
  • Referral pathway
  • Validation and scheduling
  • Quality assurance and training
  • Bowel Screen support

Hospital Group Clinical Leads for Endoscopy

The strengthening of clinical governance is a key priority for the HSE Endoscopy Programme. This is being addressed by the designation of a Clinical Lead for Endoscopy within each Hospital Group


This post is part of a demonstrator project under the auspices of the HSE Acute Hospitals Division Endoscopy Programme, in partnership with Dublin Midlands Hospital Group and RCSI Hospitals.

As part of this demonstrator project CNM2 Endoscopy Validation & Accreditation will work with the National Endoscopy Programme and Hospital Group Clinical Leads for Endoscopy to: 

  • Validate surveillance referrals for endoscopy across the Hospital Group.
  • Perform pre-procedure assessments of surveillance patients with undetermined clinical reasoning for undergoing an elective endoscopic procedure.
  • Increase the number of accredited endoscopy units within the Hospital Group.
  • Increased awareness and use of current endoscopy validation standards.
  • Reduction in the number of patients on surveillance waiting lists.
  • Reduction in the number of patients not arriving for their endoscopy appointment.
  • Collate and report on quality utilising local and nationally recognised databases.
  • Improved patient experience.
  • Increased number hospitals awarded JAG accreditation

The successful candidate will

  • Demonstrate a strong history of achieving focused results in health services through cross sectorial, multidisciplinary working, experience in endoscopy services is essential
  • A strong history of understanding and supporting change in the health service area
  • Demonstrate leadership and management experience
  • Acceptance of, and comfort with, environments characterised by ambiguity, change management, continuous development and a requirement for flexible and creative approaches to problem solving
  • A knowledge of the issues and developments and current thinking in relation to effective practice in endoscopy care services
  • An awareness of relevant national and international advances within endoscopy care at all levels of endoscopy care provision
  • Demonstrate the ability to plan and maximize available resources, and to set realistic timeframes
  • Well-developed computer skills, with an ability to analyze and interpret data, basing proposals on firm evidence
  • Demonstrate exceptionally strong interpersonal and communication skills, with experience of working with and influencing a diverse range of stakeholders, clinicians and senior managers in a professional manner to achieve successful outcomes
  • Commitment and ability to work as a team member, while having the competencies required to work independently.


The person chosen will:

  • Maintain throughout the Hospitals an awareness of the primacy of the patient in relation to all Hospital activities.
  • Ensure the provision of a high standard of care to the patient and families is consistent with the mission, vision, values and strategic plan of the Hospitals.
  • Create and promote healthy working relationships.
  • Identify and implement operations of Hospital Policy in all matters.
  • Demonstrate behaviour consistent with the Values of the Hospitals. 
  • Play an active roll in patient education and be actively involved in Health Education and promotion.
  • Reporting relationship – Assistant Director of Nursing.
  • Professional Accountability – Director of Nursing.

Specific Accountability-


  • Validate surveillance referrals for endoscopy in all units in the Hospital Group, in line with current standards and guidelines collaboration with unit teams
  • Design and facilitate education sessions on validation of referrals within the Hospital Group, in partnership with the National Endoscopy Programme
  • Describe and record the referral pathway in each unit for direct upper GI referrals, and in time lower GI colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy
  • Patient preparation (for undetermined clinical reasoning)
  • Perform pre-procedure assessments of surveillance patients with undetermined clinical reasoning (only) for undergoing an elective endoscopic procedure
  • Assess patients fitness for procedure and capacity for consent
  • Provide clear/timely instructions to patients on how and when to take bowel preparation for patients attending for colonoscopy when it is deemed necessary
  • Provide a safe and efficient consultation and guidance service for patients requiring advice and instructions on diabetes management
  • Discuss and provide information to the patient on the endoscopic procedures
  • Provide clear information on conscious sedation and ensure realistic expectations
  • Discuss reasons for endoscopic procedure and possible outcomes/diagnosis
  • Identify medical issues that may need to be addressed prior to patients procedure (i.e. reversal of anti-coagulants or previous incomplete bowel preparation)
  • Identify any recent surgeries or respiratory, hepatic, neurological or haematological conditions and their severities
  • Explain and differentiate appropriate fasting times for patients depending on appointment time and procedure
  • Identify and discuss barriers to care for patients with the MDT prior to the patient attending for their procedure


  • Support endoscopy units to complete JAG accreditation applications and prepare supporting evidence
  • Support hospitals with existing JAG accreditation to maintain/improve accreditation status and share best practice across the Hospital Group and nationally
  • Design and facilitate MDT education sessions on JAG accreditation within the Hospital Group, in partnership with the National Endoscopy Programme
  • Contribute to the National Endoscopy Programme’s work relating to accreditation e.g. contribute to the development of specific accreditation support documentation for Irish units
  • Attend national briefings on developments in accreditation standards as required
  • Endoscopy unit performance
  • Liaise with and advise unit scheduling teams
  • Develop and promote agreed validation templates and protocols
  • Participate in Endoscopy Users Groups in each unit as required
  • Participate in unit audits/research as required

Best practice

  • Promote and use current guidance for endoscopy management
  • Contribute to the development and review of national standards, guidance, policies, patient information leaflets and other documentation
  • Project reporting
  • Prepare and submit regular progress reports
  • Participate/advise the National Endoscopy Working Group on matters relating to validation and accreditation
  • Contribute to interim and final project reports as required
  • Positive active participation in Change Management and Development.
  • Display qualities of leadership and good communication with all users of service and other service providers.
  • Monitor Infection Control policies and liaise with the Microbiology Team where indicated.
  • Ensure Health & Safety standards are met and enforced.
  • Use knowledge, judgement and experience to develop ways of coping with crisis situation, i.e. patient and staff.
  • Report accidents, incidents/ complaints to the ADON or her Deputy. Ensure that accident/ incident forms are completed and returned to ADON Office.
  • Be familiar with Hospital & Departmental Emergency Plans and its implementation.

Information Technology & data

  • Make the most effective and efficient use of developments in information technology for both patient care and administrative support in a manner which integrates well with systems throughout the organisation.
  • Collect, interpret and present data and information on the Department’s activities, staffing and expenditure, as required.

Health & Safety

  • Encourage the compliance of all your staff with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005
  • Comply and enact Health and Safety responsibilities as outlined in Hospital policies, protocols and procedures relevant to your area.
  • Prepare risk assessments and departmental safety statements as required.
  • Support the delivery of the Quality, Safety and Risk Management Programme, including the appropriate identification and management of risks and incidents throughout the hospital.

Hygiene / Infection prevention and control 

  • Ensure that all staff are advised of their responsibility for Hygiene awareness.  Hygiene is defined as “The practice that serves to keep people and environments clean and prevent infection.”
  • Act as a role model and actively promote infection control and prevention and ensure that staff in your area familiarise themselves with the hospital infection control policies and guidelines as outlined in the Infection Control Manual.
  • Ensure that staff in your area are aware that they work in an area where there is potential for transmission of infection.
  • Ensure that all your staff are advised that they have a responsibility to prevent the transmission of infection particularly in relation to hand hygiene.


Quality, safety and risk management

  • Support the delivery of the Quality, Safety and Risk Management Programme, including the appropriate identification and management of risks and incidents throughout the hospital.


You will be aware of the confidential nature of Hospital work and in particular, the right of patients to confidentiality.  To this end, you will not discuss workings of the Hospital or its patients or disclose any information of a confidential nature except as required to do so in the course of your work. No records, documents or property of the Hospital may be removed from the premises of the Hospital without prior authorisation. You must return to the Hospital upon request and, in any event, upon the termination of your employment, all documents or other property of the Hospital which are in your possession or under your control.

Data Management

Ensure compliance with the obligations required by the Data Protection Act 2003.

Development of Hospital Groups

The Hospital Structure is currently under review and therefore, reporting relationships may change. The development of Hospital Groups may require the post-holder to adopt a different reporting relationship and additional accountabilities.  Full consultation will take place in advance of any such change.

NOTE:   The extent and speed of change in the delivery of health care is such that adaptability is essential at this level of appointment.  The incumbent will be required to maintain, enhance and develop their knowledge, skills and aptitudes necessary to respond to a changing situation. The Job Description must be regarded as an outline of the major areas of accountability at the present time, which will be reviewed and assessed on an on-going basis.


Applications must be submitted ‘on-line’ at by completing the application form and attaching your CV.

Candidates should be aware that, when applying for a post through the 'On-Line' Application System (Candidate Manager) they will receive an automated replying acknowledging receipt of their application.  Should you for any reason, not receive this automated acknowledgement, you should notify the Human Resources Department, before the closing date, otherwise your application will not be considered.

Informal enquiries to Ms Elizabeth Kinlan, Assistant Director of Nursing, telephone (01) 414 2000, bleep 7122 or email

Closing Date:  Close of Business  Tuesday 31st July 2018