Applications are invited for this permanent role in the HR & Corporate Services Directorate based in Dublin.


EirGrid Group is responsible for the safe, secure and reliable supply of electricity – now and in the future.  We have a pivotal role in the economies of Ireland and Northern Ireland, supporting competition in energy, promoting economic growth, facilitating renewable energy and providing essential services.
The Group develops, manages and operates the electricity transmission grid through EirGrid in Ireland and SONI (System Operator Northern Ireland) in Northern Ireland.  The transmission grid brings power from where it is generated to where it is needed to supply industries and businesses that use large amounts of electricity.  The grid also powers the distribution network, which supplies electricity for everyday use in homes and businesses across the Island.
We operate the SEM (Single Electricity Market) which is the wholesale electricity market on the Island of Ireland and we own and operate the East West Interconnector, a high voltage link between Ireland and Great Britain.   We see ourselves at the forefront of innovations in the industry, transitioning towards a low-carbon, technology enabled smart future. 


The energy industry is going through great change, driven by increasing demand for renewable technologies and efficiencies in the generation and supply of energy. EirGrid is at the vanguard of this wave of change and is a world leader in the integration and operation of new technologies on the electrical power system. EirGrid’s strategy is to continue to invest in innovation and emerging technologies to build the Control Room of the future to support its strategic aim of being a world leading Transmission System Operator.  

Team  Overview
EirGrid is an IT intensive business and operates state of the art, specialised business-critical systems on a 24*7 basis to facilitate the safe and secure operation of the high voltage transmission network across the island of Ireland. Central to this is our Energy Management System (EMS) which supports the Group’s core power system operational function. The EMS provides remote “command and control” functionality across the network from four operational sites in Dublin and Belfast.  .

The Power System Applications team operates across all four key operational sites and is responsible for the development and support of the EMS and other related applications. The team operate at the interface of power system operations and assist in the development and support of a wide range of complex systems in a challenging and fast moving operational environment

Role Overview
The Power System Applications team has an exciting and challenging opportunity in the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and telecommunications area. The Senior SCADA Engineer will lead the deployment, usage and ongoing maintenance of SCADA, SCADA and communications devices, and telecommunications that the EMS relies upon. The role holder will be required to lead the support activity for the all-island EMS environment, architecture and applications and support the system integration of new functionality onto the EMS platform. A key part of the role will be providing senior technical assurance over the ongoing performance and availability of the EMS platform and managing the vendor relationship. The role holder will be required to work closely with internal and external stakeholders.

Job Relationship
Reporting to the Manager, Power System Applications

Role Description 
•    Lead all aspects of the use of SCADA in the Control Centres including in the development of SCADA standards and processes to ensure the effective use and maintenance of SCADA in the EMS
•    Responsible for the effective usage and maintenance of the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) devices and communications infrastructure that underpins the EMS.
•    Provide technical expertise to internal SCADA operational teams on all technical SCADA interfaces including e-terra core SCADA, Front-ends (FEPs) and Open access Gateways (OAGs)
•    Lead and coordinate the activity underpinning the all-island EMS environment, architecture and applications, including coordinating the activity to ensure the key availability of KPI for the EMS is met.
•    Manage key external and internal stakeholder relationships, including software, hardware and communications service providers.
•    Participate in disaster recovery drills including planning and managing Emergency Control Centre activity, and contribute to the  business continuity management process
•    Assist and support, in real-time, the troubleshooting of issues and provide subject matter expertise to resolve these (as part of a defined 24-hour rota) for our key customers 
•    Responsible for driving key IS business practices and delivering completed work cost effectively and to the required timelines 
•    Provide technical expertise to Application Support Lead, SCADA Operational Leads and manager, Power System Applications as necessary 
•    Delegate to junior team members as appropriate and devise and provide on-the-job training and knowledge sharing on a peer-to-peer basis.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

•    An engineering/IS degree or equivalent with a minimum of 4-6 years experience
•    Experience of working within a similar environment with complex, high-availability systems
•    Experience of working with SCADA/ SCADA Protocols and RTUs
•    Excellent technical skills and knowledge such as analysis, testing, design, implementation, programming and maintenance
•    Ability to work collaboratively with stakeholders and interact with key senior internal and external stakeholders. 
•    Ability to communicate technical concepts to a non-technical audience 
•    Experience conceiving and introducing innovative ideas, solutions or new ways of doing things
•    Experience leading junior team members and the ability to develop and lead projects within the team.

•    Working knowledge of Electrical Power System equipment and networks
•    Working knowledge of Windows servers, VMWARE, Linux, IP networks and GE/Alstom e-terrra platform software
•    Working knowledge of Inter-Control Center Communications Protocol (ICCP) and/or Secure ICCP
•    Working knowledge of telecontrol protocols such as IEC 60870-5-101 [IEC101] and IEC 60870-5-104 [IEC104] 

Closing date for applications:  11th December 2017