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The Central Bank of Ireland serves the public interest by safeguarding monetary and financial stability and by working to ensure that the financial system operates in the best interests of consumers and the wider economy.

We currently have a number of vacancies for Risk and Inspections Specialists in the Financial Risks Division. These roles are aligned with the Bank professional 3 grade and the BP3 salary scale applies.  Please click here for further information on our salary scales.

The general purpose of the roles are to provide detailed technical expertise across the Bank for the particular risk area; and contribute to the delivery of on-site inspections for the particular risk area to support the supervision of all impact categories of firms regulated by the Prudential Regulation Pillar in particular.

At present we are looking to fill these similar roles across a number of different teams;
  • Retail Credit Risk Team - This team identifies emerging credit risks and aims to ensure firms have sound frameworks and processes for identification and management of credit risk.
  • Liquidity Risk Team - This team identifies emerging liquidity risks and aims to ensure firms have sound frameworks and processes for the identification and management of liquidity risk
  • Recovery & Crisis Planning Team- This team aims to ensure that firms have credible and feasible recovery plans in place, with sufficient recovery capacity to restore the firm during a financial crisis.  The team supports supervisors in reviewing recovery plans, crisis management and firm specific crisis activities.
Upon applying you will be asked to select the select the team/role(s) you wish to be considered for.

  • Contribute to delivering On-Site Inspections, ensuring they take into account the relevant legislative requirements, guidelines, industry best practice and peers so the inspections are comprehensive.  Support engagement with senior management of relevant entities with regard to the final findings and factual accuracy of the reports to ensure there is full comprehension of the assessment.
  • Contribute to identifying the emerging issues and evolving landscape for the relevant risk area through horizon scanning, peer analysis and data analysis. This includes the on-going surveillance of issues.
  • Provide technical expertise across the Central Bank for the particular risk area, so the recipients, particularly supervisors, are fully informed when making supervisory assessments and decisions.
  • Develop and maintain a network of contacts with internal and external stakeholders, addressing concerns/queries to help deliver the division’s mandate. This includes collaborating with the Policy and Risk Directorate and the Supervisory Directorates to provide guidance regarding the supervision of the relevant risk area, for example. Participate in inter-divisional working groups as they arise also, to contribute specialist knowledge ensuring more informed outcomes are realised.
  • Provide briefings to senior management regarding the particular risk area as/ if required so they are fully informed of developments and equipped with the necessary information to make decisions.
  • Provide training and knowledge sharing within the team and across the Pillar/ Bank for the relevant risk area so it’s understood and contributes to robust supervision.
  • Carry out other risk and inspections activities as may be determined by the Risk and Inspections Manager/Senior Risk and Inspections Specialist. Be responsible for own work outcomes and communicate these effectively within the team whilst also supporting the Risk and Inspections Manager/Senior Risk and Inspections Specialist in the development of other team members.
  • A third level honours degree or professional qualification in the area of business, accounting, auditing, finance, economics, maths, risk or any related professional discipline or comparable experience
  • 6 years relevant experience in financial regulation and/ or relevant financial services.
  • Relevant experience includes inter alia: working in supervision, working in a relevant financial services sector, an audit role, or experience of control or risk-management functions.
  •  Good understanding/ experience of the relevant sector and the practical operation of companies within that industry.
  • Strong analytical, problem solving and organisational skills.
  • Ability to critically assess complex/ once off issues and recommend solutions.
  • Knowledge of the asset management regulatory and legal framework and an understanding of the following: retail or wholesale business models, key risk drivers and supervisory approaches.
  • Developing Subject Matter Expertise in relevant risk area
  • Capability to challenge regulated institutions’ management on subjective issues where required.
Team Specific Requirements: Retail Credit Risk Team
  • Relevant experience includes working in a credit analyst role, credit risk reporting and monitoringlending/ underwritingbanking supervision, or an audit role.
  • Good understanding and experience of credit and lending risk, and the mortgage/ SME lending sectors.
  • Familiarity and experience with key credit risk prudential and accounting concepts (i.e. IFRS 9 ECL and Staging, NPL, Default, and Forbearance).
  • Ability to manage large credit risk data sets – advanced excel/ SQL/R is desirable. An understanding of models used for the quantification of Credit risk (such as regulatory capital, loan loss provisioning, stress testing or economic capital models) is desirable.
Team Specific Requirements: Liquidity Risk Team
  • Relevant experience includes inter alia: working in a treasury role, treasury risk reporting and monitoringasset and liability management, banking supervision, or an audit role.
  • Good understanding and experience of liquidity and funding risk, as it pertains to banking, investment firm, insurance firms and/or credit union business models.
  • Familiarity and experience with key liquidity and funding risk prudential requirements and concepts (i.e. LCR, NSFR, ILAAP, Asset Encumbrance, Funding Planning and Liquidity Stress Testing), including applicable EBA Guidelines and ECB Guides/Regulations.
  • Participate in reviews of Internal Liquidity Adequacy Assessment Process (ILAAPs), Liquidity and Funding Risk policies, Contingency Funding Plans, Collateral Management policies, Funding Plans;
  • Provide specialist knowledge and technical expertise on treasury/asset and liability management, liquidity and funding risk management;
Team Specific Requirements: Recovery & Crisis Planning Team
  • Participate in reviews of recovery plans, particularly focusing on technical assessment of recovery options and overall recovery capacity for both capital and liquidity;
  • Participate in interactions with regulated entities in relation to the area of recovery planning, providing guidance and feedback on recovery plans, ensuring they take into account the relevant legislative requirements, guidelines, and industry best practice in the area of recovery planning;
  • Input to the delivery of key initiatives that contribute to the team / function’s overall objectives by way of recovery planning, crisis management and quantitative assessment of recovery options to support the prudential supervision of entities, the Pillar’s vision / mandate, and to ensure the stability of the financial sector;
We know it's our people who make the Central Bank special and we are focused on creating a diverse, inclusive, fulfilling and progressive work environment. We encourage applications from candidates with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives as it strengthens us, as individuals and as an organisation.  We are committed to positively supporting candidates with disabilities. If we can make any reasonable accommodations for you in the recruitment process in order to give you the opportunity to perform to your best, please let us know. Any information that you provide will be used only for the purposes of providing relevant support and will have no bearing on how your application will be viewed.  

Application Details: 
Closing Date: 18th June 2022

To apply, please complete the application form attached (via the “apply” link). This allows you to tell us why you are the best fit for us.

Before starting your application you will be asked to create a profile with us, this will allow you to track and review your application throughout the process. Click "register" to create a profile and complete the application process.

Once your application has been successfully submitted you will receive an automatic email from us acknowledging receipt. If you do not receive this auto-acknowledgement, please contact .

The Central Bank pension scheme mirrors the rules of the civil service pension scheme. Details of the appropriate pension scheme will be provided upon determination of the appointee’s status.

Cuirfear fáilte roimh chomhfhreagras í nGaeilge.
The Central Bank of Ireland is an equal opportunities employer.


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