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Information Systems

Individuals hired for this position will not be employees of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, but will be employed by Voldstad Crewing International, Norway and working with the WHOI Marine Shipboard Science Operations Group.
Volstad is seeking qualified candidates to fill the role of Science and Information Technology Technical Crew member aboard a Research Vessel/Mega-Yacht with an exciting worldwide itinerary performing oceanographic research with accompanying media productions for outreach to the public. This is a rotational position. Volstad, an outside company under contract to WHOI, will employ the selected candidate. This position provides opportunity for the right candidate.
The candidate must have strong troubleshooting and technical problem solving skills, must proactively monitor and maintain systems, and must be able to work with remote support personnel on the various shipboard systems when required.
Desired experience: 3-5 years in a similar role aboard commercial vessels. Experience with oceanographic science equipment and prior involvement in the oceanographic scientific community is preferred. STCW is highly desired.
ST/IT Crewmember
The function of the ST role is to maintain, Integrate and operate the science, networking, and satellite communications equipment onboard, and to act as the liaison to science parties. This position is expected to spend up to 8 months per year at sea.
Scientific knowledge areas and responsibilities include but are not limited to: 
  • Acting as Science Liaison between ship¹s crew and science party including participation in pre-cruise mission planning.
  • Operation/Maintenance of various science systems, including:
    • Multibeam SONAR
    • Side Scan SONAR
    • CTD packages and water sampling bottles
    • Knudsen sub-bottom profiler
    • Motion reference units
    • Navigation GPS
    • Ultra-Short Baseline submersible tracking system
    • Hydrographic winch operation
    • XBT Sound Velocity acquisition
    • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Documentation of science equipment including Cruise Reports, data issues, logs
  • Staging data and metadata by cruise for science party and archive                                                      
The IT tasks include information management, network system integration and computer system support.  Knowledge for areas of responsibilities include:
  • Operating Systems and software-MS Windows OS, MS Office, MS Project, and Mac OS, Linux, Blackberry
  • Onboard mail server and internet access server
  • Group/user/mailbox account maintenance
  • Hardware support and troubleshooting failures and conflicts
  • Monitoring system event logs and virus definition updates
  • Programming of Ipads, iDirect Modems, Seatel DAC and MTN Satellite systems
  • Kaleidescape System
  • Integrating Scientific instrumentation into shipboard network
  • Serial/UDP data communication and collection
  • Experience with VPN, Citrix, Blackberry
Specific knowledge or related experience on the following items is preferred.
  • VSAT Technology:
    • KU Band system: Dual Seatel 6012 antenna array through a real time switching system (RTS). iDirect X5 modems with MXP interface.
    • C Band system:  Seatel 9711 C Band antenna controlled from Seatel DAC 2202
  • Network infrastructure:
    • Cisco network switches and wireless access points Dell Power Edge R310 server 
    • Network traffic - Kerio Control Unit 3130 network management firewall system.
    • Synology RS815 back up units. 
  • Panasonic PABX telephony system - TDA100:
  • KVH FB500 voice/data/FAX communication systems.
  • Iridium 9575 satellite phones.
  • AV Systems:
    • Crestron remote control systems running through the Crestron iPad app. 
    • Kaleidescape 3U movie server, M700 disk vault and M300 Clients.
  • CCTV System:
    • Pelco CCTV system.