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About Us

Candidate Manager is a global Resources Management and software provider of E-Recruitment & Talent Management Software Solutions. Our Applicant Tracking Software focuses on making the recruitment process more effective and cost effective. We also provide Onboarding and Performance Management solutions which can be used on their own or as part of our Talent Management suite.

We employ people who are driven to live our core business and mission statement. Most companies use mission statements and ethos values as a marketing tool; at Candidate Manager, our mission is our passion, we are driven to provide the best Human Resources Management solutions for all of our clients and that means, quite simply, that we’re the best.

Candidate Manager has created recruitment solutions for companies around the world and are the foremost global software provider specializing in providing low-cost & highly functional web-based applicant tracking, talent management & restructuring solutions. Recognized as an industry leader throughout Western Europe, Candidate Manager's international support network extends to North America and to the Asia Pacific region.

Our Mission Statement come to LIFE

The proof is in the satisfied clients that we have created recruitment solutions for. Over 150 great companies who are now driven by passionate employees doing jobs they were born to do.

Why have so many global organisations have chosen us?

Flexible – Our solutions are highly adaptable. We tailor the software to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Affordable – Candidate Managers online recruitment package is priced per-user, and all licensing and implementation costs are included.

Efficient – A Candidate Management HR software substantially reduces recruitment costs, and we cut recruitment administration by at least 75%.

Fully Supported – We offer highly efficient HR Software Support. Through our dedicated support team, each client has an account manager at hand to make sure they get the maximum Return on Investment.

Industry Knowledge – Candidate Manager employees come from a recruitment background, so they are aware of the pain points, and look to address them in the most efficient manner.

Candidate Manager offers many recruitment solution benefits. Not only does it increases efficiency, it also adds value to your company. Excellent recruitment and HR solutions are the key to growth, customer service and improved profits. HR Decision making can have far reaching consequences. Candidate Manager facilitates your online recruitment process to enable you to get the best results

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"You're only as good as the people you hire"

- Ray Kroc