Talent Sourcing

Simplify your recruitment

Create your branded careers page including customised application forms

Simpler job posting

Post your vacancies to 600+ jobs boards and social media channels

Unlimited live jobs

No barriers to reaching your target talent.

Specialised Recruitment Agency Solutions

Custom built tools for Recruitment Agency Teams

Easier Candidate Managements

Automated communication with Candidate Email, SMS, and personalised employer branded templates.

Talent Pipeline Creations

Kickstart your talent pipeline with applicant registration forms.

Candidate Screening & Selectiong

Effortless Candidate Selection

Custom created job application forms allow you to rank and score applicants.

Clear Candidate Journey

Manage, track, and monitor the candidate journey with progression stages templates

Talent Assessments

Identify the candidate who is the best fit for your role with psychometric testing, powered by AON.

Manage your Talent Pipeline

Store candidate information securely in easy to access databases.

Focused Searching

Boolean searches allow you to home in on the perfect candidate

Time Saving Scheduling

Sync your calendars, select your availability and let candidates choose their interview times.

Video Recruitment

Engage with talent anywhere, at any time. Enjoy the flexibility of prerecording or live interviews.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Monitor, measure, and report your Equality, Diversity & Inclusion hiring with customised Equal Opportunities form

An easier way to hire

Faster Decisions

A streamlined requisition process.

Data Security

Automated candidate consent, automated data retention and privacy policy.

Intelligent Metrics

Custom built reports allowing you to track time to hire, monitor candidate journey and identify cost effective talent sourcing.

Seamless working

Smooth integration with your existing HR system delivers seamless working for your team

Work From Home

Secure remote access allows you to work wherever you are based at home, in the office or on the road..

Data Security

Enjoy complete GDPR Compliance with automated candidate consent, automated data retention and privacy policy. All candidate data is stored on one secure platform with user access levels in place.

Intelligent Metrics

Make data led decision with intelligent metrics. Stay in control of your recruitment custom built reports allowing you to track time to hire, monitor candidate journey and most cost effective talent sourcing.

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