How a fast offer letter can help your hiring

The conclusion of the hiring process is the offer Letter. Once you’ve reached that stage, then, in theory, you should be home and dry. You can move on to onboarding the candidate and integrating them into your organisation.

However, as any experienced recruiter will tell you, in a competitive talent market, this isn’t always the case. Even at the last minute, counteroffers and alternative employment options can entice your chosen candidate away.

There are two factors to consider to ensure your recruitment efforts don’t fall at the final hurdle. The first is reducing the time between making the hiring decision and sending the offer letter. The second is reducing the time it takes to send and receive the offer.

Here are three reasons why a fast offer letter can help your hiring.



Recruit more in-demand candidates

In-demand candidates are precisely that, in demand. The more sluggish your hiring process, the more likely top performers will receive an alternative offer. A prompt offer letter conveys confidence and decisiveness while providing a better candidate experience.


More cost-effective

The time it takes to fill your open roles has implications for your organisation’s resources. Hiring delays increase the risk of your candidates choosing another opportunity or, in the case of an in-demand talent, a bidding war with other employers. You also need to consider the cost of recruiter time, the cost of taking managers out of work for interviews and the cost of unfilled positions.


Improve productivity

Productivity is impacted by the length it can take to fill a role. Projects either don’t start or are delayed, and teams are left without leaders or critical members. At the same time, employees who take on extra workloads have to cope with additional stress and pressure.


How Candidate Manager Can Help

Our software automates many of the day-to-day recruitment processes, freeing you to focus on talent. Candidate Manager also provides you with unlimited E-signing documentation, allowing you to send offer letters and contracts electronically, so candidates can sign and return without delay. Our software will alert you when signed offers are returned, and flag offers that are still pending and need your attention.

If you want to learn more about unlimited E-signing document integration, please get in touch with our Candidate Manager Customer Success Team.