Here’s how Candidate Manager can support your D&I hiring

Diversity and Inclusion is now as a key element of recruitment for many businesses with employers responding to the priorities of Generation Z, the latest cohort of talent entering the workplace. Candidate Manager’s Equality Monitoring Tool allows you to seamlessly monitor, measure and report your D&I hiring.

Is hiring for diversity and inclusion increasingly important for your business? If so, you are not alone. 85% of global employers now consider it a high priority to hire for diversity*.

Employers are responding to the needs of the latest cohort of talent to enter the job market – Generation Z.  Having a diverse and inclusive work environment, is an important consideration for this new talented workforce when choosing an employer. They actively seek out organisations whose values align with their own. As a result, many companies now recognise that diversity and inclusion is a business initiative and not just a ‘nice to have’.”

Gen Z’s focus on diversity was recorded in a recent study from the employer branding leaders Universum. In partnership with e-recruitment platform, Universum released Ireland’s first Diversity and Inclusion Index which sought the views of 2,000 Irish engineering and IT students on companies’ commitments to diversity, inclusion, gender equality and respect towards employees.

The top ten companies perceived to be inclusive and diverse among Gen Z engineering students in Ireland were Google, Ericsson, Facebook, Nike, Intel, Oracle, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Amazon, and Accenture. Domestic companies, including RTÉ (20), Irish Rail (34), Ryanair (35), the Irish Aviation Authority (36), Irish Distillers (37) and Aer Lingus (40), made it into the top 40.

The research also indicated that public understanding of diversity has shifted. For those surveyed, cultural diversity presides over age, ethnicity, or gender diversity. It found that 93% of Gen Z participants globally defined diversity, not by race or gender, but by personality traits, socio-economic background, nationality, work experience and education.

If diversity and inclusion are already at the heart of your recruitment strategy or if you are looking at ways to increase your commitment to D&I hiring, then Candidate Manager can help. Our plugin Equality Monitoring tool allows you to seamlessly track candidates while remaining fully GDPR compliant.

Equality Monitoring Key Features:

• Customised Equal Opportunities form captures key demographic information

• Dedicated Equal Opportunities portal securely stores sensitive data

• Controlled access to Equal Opportunities data permitted to authorised Equality Office users only

• Generate Equal Opportunities Reports

Already in use by leading employers across the UK and the USA where equality monitoring is a legal requirement this Candidate Manager product is a quick and easy to install on your existing Candidate Manager system.

If you would like to learn more, then the Candidate Manager Customer Success Team would be delighted to help.