3 reasons why you need a specialised video recruitment tool

Video calls are now a feature of all our working lives.  Meeting/Conferencing software such as Microsoft teams, Skype or Bluejeans are used every day in offices and homes around the world. So why not use them for video recruiting too? After all, when you are challenged to hire remotely then the obvious solution is to use a tool you are most familiar with.

However, while it may be a quick solution, a specialised video recruitment tool that has been built to meet the needs of HR professionals provide recruiters with features that deliver better hiring outcomes. Here are three reasons you need a specialised video recruitment tool.

Enhanced GDPR Compliance

During the recruitment process a great deal of personal data is collected from  candidates. Making sure this data is processed and stored in accordance with GDPR is a legal requirement for organisations. Generic video meeting tools can’t provide a built-in solution to support you whereas a tool built for recruitment will comply to the highest technical and organisational standards and allowing to gather candidate consent right at the start of the hiring journey.

Reduction in Unconscious bias

Reducing unconscious bias in recruitment is a goal for pretty much every organisation. A structured hiring process is one of the most effective ways to reduce unconscious bias. Generic video meeting tools do not offer features to structure interviews, simply because it is not their area of expertise. From a dedicated video recruitment provider, you will get extra support in making fair hiring decisions. For example scripts that keep live video interviews structured or by keeping the set of questions in automated interviews the same for all candidates applying for the same role.

A Better Candidate Experience

It’s said that a good candidate experience is the first step in the employee experience. Treating candidates well sends out a message that employees are also treated well and as result, your ability to attract talent to your company is boosted. Video recruitment can help you to improve your candidate and employee experience. By using recorded video questions, the candidate will get a positive first impression of your company and its culture. Furthermore, candidates will feel that they are able to show their personality early on in the recruitment journey, making them more engaged in the process. They enjoy more control and flexibility with the ability to record their answers at a time that best suits their schedule.  Improving the candidate experience reinforces your employer ultimately improving the quality of your hires.

Candidate Manager offers clients Cammio, a purpose-built video recruitment tool that can easily be integrated into your hiring processes. To book your video recruitment demo please get in touch.