Benefits of Recruitment Solutions

Recruitment solutions have resulted in a change from the traditional Excel Spreadsheet to automated technology. Hiring staff would have acknowledged that recruitment solutions has transformed their day-to-day activities, and help increase productivity, and from an organisations perspective, profitability.

Recruitment solutions is a simple technological concept. Create a job, set your own criteria for the job, discount those who do not meet these requirements (though acknowledge through an email), rank the candidates, and allow recruiter to move candidates easily through the system, i.e. first interview, second interview, job offer etc. This allows for reporting, which has important financial implications. It allows organisations to see where improvements can be made in their recruitment process. It answers questions such as:

  • What advertising is providing the best ROI?
  • Where are most candidates falling short in the process?
  • Where are the majority of applicants sourced from?

Businesses can spend considerable sums of money to find out such information, and many others lose even more money by not asking these questions. Recruitment solutions gets to the heart of these issues.
With the exception companies with 50 employees or less, the success of implementing recruitment solutions is unquestionable. These solutions will take care of all the problems of shortfalls of talent, mismatch of supply and demand, outsourcing fees, high attrition rate etc. In a battle between Excel and recruitment solutions, there will only be one winner!