Decision Making In The Context of Human Resources And Recruitment

Human Resource management is all about making decisions. Choosing the right candidate for the position available is not something that should be left to chance or guesswork. The role of decision making in HR is a complicated one and using the technology and recruitment software available, you will be able to make decisions that are based on true evaluation of all the factors.

How to Choose the Right Candidate?

In any recruitment process the ability of the candidate is weighed up against the suitability of the candidate.  While the interview process is a vital part of decision making in HR, it has been established that the ‘human’ factor can be the one to cause a problem. In an interview there are two or more personalities involved; this can skew the decision making process in many ways, and using recruitment software may be the way to overcome it.

“I believe in the adage: Hire people smarter that you and get out of their way”
Howard Schultze: CEO of Starbucks

Firstly, recruitment software is used to match up the ability and potential of any candidate to a specific position using a finite set of parameters. Custom based recruitment software could be exactly what your HR division is looking for to increase the effective decision making of the department. It is not always about streamlining functions and saving money. Learning how to choose the right candidate for a position is a highly skilled process. Recruitment software removes the risk of personal attitudes impairing the decision making process.

Human resources has become a highly specialised niche market. It is no longer just about finding labor or sifting through CV’s to see which one appeals to you. Using technology is way of bridging the personal decision making process and the science of recruitment in a seamless solution. HR departments should develop policy that filters through the entire organization. This will allow for better decision making when it comes to attracting and developing talent.