Introducing Talent Assessments on Candidate Manager

Identifying the candidate who is the best match for your vacancy is a priority for every recruiter. That’s why we are delighted to announce that Candidate Manager has partnered with Aon to integrate Aon’s Talent Assessment tool onto the Candidate Manager platform.

This powerful psychometric testing plugin will allow you to evaluate applicants swiftly and securely within your Candidate Manager back office. 

Every organisation which strives to deliver the best service, products, sales, or innovations requires an extraordinary workforce. Talent Assessment will ensure you make solid selection hiring decisions while saving you time and money while helping you identify the right candidates for your specific job role and organisation. Aon’s talent assessment solutions are your compass for making better-informed talent decisions while supporting candidate experience and diversity.

With the help of talent assessments, recruiters can look beyond CVs, school grades, college certificates and university diplomas to find out, whether a candidate is a good person-job-match.

Valid assessment tools provide information about candidates’ abilities, personality traits, motivation, working styles or digital readiness. All the information gathered from different assessments can make a prediction of a candidates’ job performance and success and might even forecast the retention rate.

To find out more about Talent Assessment please get in touch with our Customer Success Team.