Transgender & Non-Binary Inclusive Recruitment

To ensure they attract the best available talent and to support a less binary workforce, recruiters need to consistently review their hiring processes.

While your diversity and inclusion strategy may be successfully creating a progressive and productive work culture many candidates may have little insight into your policies towards trans inclusion.

It’s why calling out your support for your trans-inclusive recruitment is so important. Detailing trans employee groups or events on your careers page and on your social media will go a long way to demonstrating your organisation’s commitment to equality.

However, for many people, the first point of real engagement with any employer is completing an application form which is why Candidate Manager have now introduced gender-neutral pronouns to application forms.

This simple update sends a clear message to trans & non-binary candidates, right at the start of the hiring process, that your organisation accepts and welcomes their application.

Helping you hire the best candidate is what we do at Candidate Manager. Providing your HR team with the tools for inclusive recruitment is key to making that happen.