HR Software – Using Analytics And Technology To Improve Recruitment

The most important resource in a business is undoubtedly the human one. A strong business stands on the actions, skills and practices of its employees, and yet, despite this, some companies choose to think of HR and recruitment as not being a revenue creating department.

Technology and the development of recruitment software have ensured that HR can become a profitable and valuable part of every business. Recruitment software is not just designed to cut admin costs. While this is one of the important selling points for many recruitment software packages, it is more important to focus on the added value that recruitment software brings to all businesses.

Recruitment Software Technology Adds a Human Dynamic to HR

Far from being just an automated system, good recruitment software is also intuitive and dynamic; using data to provide a more targeted approach to recruitment and hiring.

HR managers can use recruitment software to define the skills needed by employees to achieve the goals of an organisation. They are then able to ascertain if they should be recruiting people with those skills to grow the business. Using HR software to create a balanced and definitive job description is the first step in finding, attracting and retaining talent in any business. Talent Management is one of the keys to a successful hiring process and recruitment software ensures that your organisational aspects are fully aligned with your recruitment goals.

Once you have defined the job description you need to be able to post it to as many suitable places as need be. The power of social and business networking and online recruitment is ideal for job advert placement as well as brand and employer awareness. You can use recruitment software to increase brand awareness and use your recruitment as a marketing tool.

Recruitment software really comes into its own though when you utilise the applicant tracking system (ATS) to give you immediate feedback and data about potential candidates as they move through the hiring process. Instead of manually having to sift through CV’s and responses, you can use recruitment software data and analytics to match the best skills and talents to a specific position.

Recruitment software ensures that the human aspect of HR is not lost in a technological world.