Recruitment Software: The Effects of Globalisation and Social Media on HR

A never ending challenge to business today is the rate at which things change and having to keep up with said changes. This is as true for recruiters as it is for any aspect of business.

From the use of social media as a tool to recruitment software in the HR process, recruitment is an industry like any other in terms of how it changes. This has never been more true than in the highly charged times we face now, with the Global Economy as much proof of the state of flux business exists in as it is a victim of that fact.

One of the latest trends experiencing some growth in the HR field is the application of recruitment software as a tool. The old days of having someone sorting through stacks of resumes are all but behind us. With the ease and simplicity afforded by recruitment software, one has a more central database for sorting through and finding those best suited for positions in a company.

As mentioned before, the growth of social media and other online tools has played a more little influence on how conduct business within our own structures and outside them. When established companies begin using Facebook  as a serious tool for advertising positions within their structures, it becomes evident that social media has reached a where the notion of things like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, et al, as mere trivialities becomes questionable. It’s not possible to look at any of these social media sites or their ilk as playthings used by teenagers and employees in their spare time. Communication is a fundamental underpinning to any society and social media is as valid a tool for communication as any other