The Skills Race – What Are You Doing To Recruit the Best?

Despite the sluggish economy and doom and gloom scenarios about employment, the truth of the matter, is that the world is facing a global skills crisis. Recruitment solutions are all about sourcing the best talent and making sure that you retain them and develop them into assets for your business. The most crucial resource in business within the next twenty years will be excellent talent.

You cannot afford to let any talent slip through your net and creating a talent pool of potential candidates for your company will be the biggest challenge for HR managers. You need to look at different recruitment solutions and how to use them in your business to recruit the best new talent. The race is on to use recruitment solutions to help you define your business and recruit employees that will make a meaningful contribution as individuals within a team to benefit your business.

Part of the problem is the huge number of people in the workforce that will be retiring in the next five years, and with only one employee entering the workforce for every two that are leaving, you need to make sure you are using your recruitment solutions to put you ahead in the race to close the skills gap.

Conventional business planning is being overhauled as HR managers search for recruitment solutions that will place their business at the front of the search for new talent. E-recruitment is being widely used as a medium for sourcing new talent and many businesses are turning to social media marketing as a form of e-recruitment. These types of recruitment solutions are termed ongoing recruitment and are taking the place of the need-based recruitment solutions of the past.

Recruitment solutions and the management of talent has become a specialized market and HR managers need to start looking at recruitment solutions in terms of marketing strategy to be truly effective.