Recruitment Software – Research Carefully Before Purchase

Recruitment Software is not just a buzzword. It is a tried and tested system of integrating the staffing and hiring functions of a business, so that they become more efficient, more effective and provide a link between the back and front end of a business. Simply put, a good recruitment software system will link the hiring to the profits and vice versa. If you think that your business would benefit form the value of having a good recruitment software system, and every business will, then you need to calculate the costs of purchasing and implementing the system.

The first step is to hire a good recruitment software consulting firm to do a full business and cost analysis. A recruitment software consultant will be able to assess the strengths and weaknesses in a business and how a recruitment software system will be able to play a part in growing the business to its full potential. Most recruiting software consulting firms will provide a full costing analysis for the business as well as an estimated ROI (return on investment) time frame. It is important to see an HR software system as an investment in the future growth of a business.

What are the true costs of recruitment software?

The size of the company will have a direct relation to the final cost of implementing a recruitment software system. Make sure that the recruitment software consulting firm does a full cost to benefit analysis as part of the planning stage. ROI usually takes between 6 months to a year to start showing an increase in profits. However the return is much bigger than you might expect, well over 100%. Take the time involved into consideration when budgeting for recruitment software.

The cost of the system itself is merely a starting point. A good recruitment software consulting firm will structure a cost analysis to show the cost of implementation which includes the restructuring of the organization if need be, as well as training and ongoing support.

Any financial analysis should include the cost of ongoing maintenance and support. The best way to factor this into an overall budget is to allow for three years of support. The initial support costs can be as high as 25 % of the cost of the software. In the first year of implementation the costs will be slightly higher

. The technical costs of running a recruitment software system may extend to hiring of new IT employees, but a good recruitment software consulting firm will usually offer this facility as part of the total package. They will provide staff for the duration of the implementation and training to handle the technical side of the recruitment software system.

Employee buy in is a cost that most business owners forget. If the employees are not completely ‘sold’ on the benefits of changing over to a fully integrated recruitment software system then the company will be wasting money. The smooth implementation of a recruitment software system should be handled by an expert recruitment software consulting form to get the best cost to benefit ratio possible.

Before implementing an HR software solution for a business, the variables must be taken into consideration. Don’t be tempted to buy the first system that you look at. This is why an HR software consultant is such a valuable tool in the whole process.