What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system (ATS), is a software application designed to help an organisations recruit employees more efficiently – faster and at lower cost.

Your Applicant tracking System will also facilitate:

  • All correspondence to; Applicants, Agencies, Job Approvers & Hiring Managers
  • Reporting for; users and managers
  • CV database management; talent pooling and rapid search for applicants
  • Strategic recruitment planning, monitoring and management

Why do companies invest in Applicant Tracking System Technology?

  1. Increase recruiter productivity
  2. Reduce costs of hiring employees
  3. Recruit employees faster
  4. Recruit better quality employees

How does it work?

Candidate Manager’s ATS is focused on simplicity. There are two primary levels of access; for HR users and Hiring Managers although we can provide levels in between to accommodate customer requirements.
HR can manage the whole recruitment process centrally including but can involve others where it is required to distribute the work such as Hiring Managers, Divisional Managers and Approval Users.
The software can be accessed over the internet, negating the need for any I.T infrastructure requirements. It is fully security certified and supported by our world class support teams.

How do I know if I need one?

While there is no one answer, if you answer yes to any of the following then you may see a significant Return on Investment by using our ATS:

  1. Hire more than 20 people per year
  2. Spend more than £20,000 on agencies and job advertising per year
  3. Have to screen in excess of 1000 CV’s per year
  4. Experience problems from taking too long to hire staff
  5. Are spending too much time on recruitment administration

What Next

We would like to arrange a consultation with you (no hard sell, we promise!) to talk through your current recruitment process, desired objectives and challenges faced.
In this consultation we can provide you with a demonstration of how this works, showing how easy it is to use and providing you with the tools to calculate what Return on Investment you can achieve by using Applicant Tracking Software.