Candidate Manager Hints & Tips

Our Customer Success team are here to help you get even more out of Candidate Manager. Maksymilian Adamus supports big-name recruiters around the world. In our latest Hints and Tips series, he reveals how to manage an issue that many popular employers experience.

Q:“We often have candidates apply for more than one job; how can we manage that?”

A: This is more common than you would think; it happens a lot with highly visible businesses with strong employer brands. In Candidate Manager, you can track duplicate applicants. If someone applies for more than one role you can see their history and see the stage they reached in their application. It’s useful because it allows you to assess a candidate’s suitability for an opportunity and perhaps even direct them to a role that is a better match for their skills. In this job market, building a constructive relationship with talented and motivated candidates is to be encouraged

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