Reach millions of job seekers with just one click

When you are hiring, you want to put your job in front of as many people as possible. After all, the larger the talent pool your offering reaches, the more likely you are to receive a healthy number of applications. However, as any recruiter will tell you, posting jobs on multiple job boards is laborious and time-consuming. With Candidate Manager, you can reach millions of job seekers with just one click.

We are integrated with over 1,000 job boards worldwide, including IrishJobs, NIJobs,, Monster, Indeed and TotalJobs. Prepare your job post in your Candidate Manager’s back office, select your job boards, and our software will do the rest. You can save your favourite job boards or create groups of specialist job boards, for example, platforms targeting technology or finance professionals. With one click, your job is live, and your hiring has begun. Fast, convenient, and effective.  

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